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The Loudmouth Project

Twice a veteran – from enlisted to officer

David Moss started his military career in the Idaho Army National Guard and wanted to serve until he could retire. Always outspoken, Dave had a run in a 1st Sergeant and ended his career after 10 years of service. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Dave wanted to serve in the military again, but he knew this time it would be as an officer. Dave served in Iraq and after returning home got a job as an active guard member in Alaska. However once again his dream of serving until retirement ended with he was determined not longer medically able to serve in the Army. He talks about fulfilling a dream of serving in the military and the realities of life after service.

About the author, Jason

Jason is an Air Force and Army veteran. His goal is to inspire other veterans, their family and friends to share their stories. Working as a volunteer with Veteran Service Organizations has given him insight into some of the struggles facing the men and women who serve. Jason has been married for over 25 years and earned a degree in History with a focus on the U.S. Military.

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