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The Voices of Reason Podcast

Jasen Lee and Amy Donaldson are speaking out and speaking up about the issues facing our community and the nation. We are engaging in conversations that seek to help us understand our differing views and opinions on complex issues, and what possible common ground might guide us in our search for solutions.


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How domestic abuse leads to violence — The COLD case of Susan and Josh Powell

On this episode of Voices of Reason, Amy Donaldson and Jasen Lee talk about the issue of domestic abuse and when what may appear to be a typical marriage situation behind the scenes devolves into abuse and violence. Joining us are Jennifer Oxborrow, executive director of the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition and Dave Cawley, creator and host…


Maria’s Choice – The Face of Immigration

On this episode of Voices of Reason, Amy Donaldson and Jasen Lee hear about the heart-wrenching story of Maria Santiago, an asylum seeker and immigrant mother who was deported from Utah to her native Guatemala. She was forced to decide whether to keep her family intact or send her children back to Salt Lake City…


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