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Can a former mayor who built his career on bipartisan successes navigate one of the most toxic political landscapes in modern American history? Can a moderate Democrat from a red state accomplish anything of significance in a deeply partisan environment?
This podcast follows freshman Rep. Ben McAdams, D-UT as he tries to navigate - and legislate - in a winner-take-all political environment. Rep. McAdams interviews the people he works with, for, and sometimes fights against in this insider’s view of national politics. This is WashingTown.


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State of the Union

While many members of Congress made political statements with who they invited to the State o the Union speech last week, Congressman Ben McAdams took a different approach. In this episode Congressman McAdams (D-Utah) talks about why he invited his very Republican brother-in-law (and early Trump supporter) to the State of the Union address. The…


Mr. McAdams goes to Washington

This is the first episode of a podcast that will explore whether a successful democratic mayor from a red state can find a way to accomplish anything of significance in the deeply partisan Washington, D. C. Ben McAdams earned a narrow victory over the Republican incumbent, and he now represents Utah’s Fourth Congressional District. In…


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